Wednesday, July 27, 2016


This is an OpenGL project that ports the Xcode projects from Jeff LaMarche. Jeff has a fantastic series of tutorials about learning OpenGL on the iPhone. Please see the URL listed in the project file. You can now follow along on your desktop using REALbasic, using this project as a guide on how to adapt the code Jeff posts. The iPhone because of it limited memory uses a subset of the full OpenGL functions on the desktop. The iPhone uses a more modern approach to funneling the geometry via array pointers, MemoryBlocks in REALbasic. The original method of learning OpenGL using your drawing calls between the GLBegin and GLEnd calls is soon to be deprecated, so learning arrays is the way to go if you want to stay current with the OpenGL renderer.
I wrote this on my Mac and have not run it on a PC. The methods used to pack everything in to MemoryBlocks is done crudely. It should give you some idea’s on how to optimize with classes to get things done in a object oriented manner. The download has 13 different projects through Lesson 4.
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