Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Next Month: MBS Xojo Developer Conference in Berlin

Just one month left till the Xojo conference in Berlin from 4th to 5th May 2017.

Xojo conference

A few seats are still available and we would love to see you join our conference. You can still find cheap flights to Berlin from various locations. e.g. for less than $900 from Los Angeles to Berlin.

Your chance to meet all those well known members of the Xojo community in Europe:

* Geoff Perlman, CEO and Founder of Xojo, Inc.
* Travis Hill, engineer at Xojo, Inc.
* Stéphane Pinel, build engineer at Xojo Inc.
* Ulrich Bogun, German Xojo Evangelist at Xojo Inc.
* Antonio Rinaldi, Italian Xojo Evangelist at Xojo Inc.
* Javier Rodriguez Menéndez, Spanish Xojo Evangelist at Xojo Inc.
* Jens Boschulte from DynaForms GmbH will be present to answer questions regarding DynaPDF library.
* Jérémie Leroy, developing custom controls for Xojo
* Carol and Bob Keeney from BKeeney Software Inc.
* Marc Zeedar, publisher or the Xojo Developer Magazine
* Björn Eiriksson from Einhugur, plugin developer.
* Yousaf Shah from DataTherapy Limited

It would be my pleasure to welcome you in Berlin!

More details on the website:


More about our special guests:


If you miss this conference, you need to wait another year till XDC 2018 in Denver!

Christian Schmitz
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